Sunday, July 4, 2010

Held Hostage on the July 4th weekend due to a Broken Garage Door Spring -- the Revenge of Technology

Hi folks -- due to a broken garage door spring, my mobility is seriously compromised this weekend. Both my cars are in the garage, and on Saturday afternoon one of the two big springs on the door broke. Not even a gorilla can lift the door now. This just goes to show you how dependent we are on technology -- even the simple and primitive technology of metal springs. Our lives can be turned upside own by a technological failure.

The main problem is the garage door repair guys won't answer their phone until perhaps Tuesday. That might be enough to cancel my proposed trip to Detroit on Tuesday morning. And the Porsche is now in prison, so to speak, on a weekend that screams for pleasure driving!

What I am now left to drive is over at Grandma's house -- a 1986 Toyota Corolla.

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