Friday, July 16, 2010

The Fellowship of Speed -- a 1932 poem taken from the Indy 500 program of that year

"The Fellowship of Speed," by William Herschell
Taken from the Official Indy 500 Program, 1932

Though some may reckon Speedway's fame
Lies only in the flash and flame
Of roaring motors -- men with eyes
Fixed only on the golden prize;
Yet -- greater far -- the battle sends
Dawn strangers home as Speedway friends!

You're seated early -- so am I --
We watch the legions passing by;
The Pullmans from Detroit are in --
Gay treks from Baltimore begin!
Speed-clans from Yonder, Here and There
Meet multitudes from Everywhere!

I don't know you -- you don't know me--
Still, all day neighbors we must be;
We start to talking, then you say
Your home is far-off Rockaway
Queer what distance lies between--
I'm from Kentucky -- Bowling Green!

Two fellows back of us begin
Acknowledging which car will win;
My friend from Rockaway and I
Their super-judgment soon deny.
Then others argue -- pro and con--
Bombs flash the start! The race is on!

Hours wear along! The racing game
Grants no man right to chosen fame;
My favored driver had a dray --
An axle broke for Rockaway!
Our friendly crowd grows larger when
A pit-bound car gets off again!

Then- suddenly- we all forget
Our favored car, each vain regret;
A gray-haired woman shouts with joy:
"He's out in front! My baby boy!"
Say, Speedway friendships just begin
When Speedway crowds help Mother win!

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