Monday, May 7, 2012

"Black Widow" 1957 Chevrolet Racing Cars and NASCAR

 1957 National Champion, Buck Baker
 Buck Baker (87), Jack Smith (47), Nance Mattingly(154), Ralph Moody(97)
At Daytona, Johnny Beauchamp leads this pack

Thanks to Samuel Matchett for making  me aware of a topic I knew nothing about -- in truth, I am quite a novice historian when it comes to racing.

The history of the "Black Widow" Chevrolet racing car turns on the creation of SEDCO -- Southern Engineering and Development Company -- headed by former Hudson chief of racing, Vince Piggins. Set up in 1957 and with the blessing of Ed Cole, GM sent to Atlanta "the cheapest cars they could make race cars out of them," according to former employee Bradley Dennis, who also had a business that was created in support of SEDCO, the "Atlanta Tune  Up Service." the cars were distinguished with 6 lug axles "that had been lying around" and stiffened frames.
Among the great drivers behind the wheel of the "Black Widows" were Fireball Roberts, Larry Frank, Speedy Thompson, Bob Welborn, and Joe Lee Johnson.


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