Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Visit to the Da Capo Auto "Oldtimer" Museum in Leipzig

Can you identify the following cars?  Pretty tough stuff!

I'll give you the above -- an American Erskine!

Hi folks -- a surprise visit to the Da Capo Oldtimermuseum thanks to a wonderful friend's suggestion.Located at Karl-Heine-Strasse  105, 04229 Leipzig.  It was hot in there, but some cars I have never come even close to seeing before.


  1. I think, they are all classic cars which was used in olden days by people in 1960's.According to me, it is tough for us to identify this all cars because the design of this cars are so awesome that can attract the car enthusiasts and also create doubts in the minds of car enthusiasts.
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  2. The yellow/red car with a rhombus is an (GDR-made) IFA, then below you will find a Framo, a Barkas (the successor to Framo), a Soviet GAZ 14 "Chaika", a German Opel and a US-made Erskine