Monday, May 21, 2012

Syllt: Cars and Status, and where Audis, M-B, and Porsche Roam!

Hi folks -- I took a side trip to Syllt and the town of Westerland yesterday. This is the northern most point in Germany.  It is a place for the well-to-do, and only accessible via train. Cars do get on the island, however, via a rail car transport system that is rather expensive.  As one German told me, it is all about Audis, M-B, and Porsche and "see the car I own."  The Germans are about materialism gone amuck, and this place reflects it perfectly. But the air was so fresh and good. 10 Celsius yesterday, but it felt warmer.  I guess I am as materialistic as the next person on this island, as  I felt right at home!

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