Saturday, May 26, 2012

Driveable Dreams from Eastern Germany: A Mercedes 200

Hi Folks -- I am starting to troll the streets looking for "driveable dreams."  The above is a 1960s Mercedes 200.  It has been spot painted (especially low along rocker panels), reupholstered, and lives down the street from my apartment.  There are few cars of interest parked on Leipzig streets, so this one stands out, no matter its condition. Either there are new Mercedes, Audis, or BMWs, or old cheap cars, but few "Oldtimers."  Perhaps this is to be expected, as people are still picking themselves up ecponomically, even 20 years after the end of communism.


  1. well, this car is very nice. it has good and excellent features.its design is so awesome that can attract everyone. surely, it is every body's dream to drive Mercedes 200 car. thanks for sharing thoughts regarding this car.
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  2. Thanks for the pics! This old Mercedes is a timeless classic!