Friday, July 26, 2013

Mercedes 190 SL Advertisements -- During the 1950s in Germany, a Car Popular with Women "of Loose Morals?"

I posed the question above due to a reference on p.185 of Rob De La Rive Box's Encyclopedia of Classic Cars: Sports Cars 1945-1975.  The author argues that the car was not popular in Germany because of these owners, presumably, prostitutes. This cannot be totally right, can it? An urban legend, German style?

I have always liked these cars,although under-powered (105 bhp at 5,700 rpm). Put simply, it is a very beautiful car, with a gorgeous dash and leather interior.  When I was an undergraduate student at Davidson ColLege there was a pompous little JACK-ASS ( I think he was a doctor's son) from West Virginia that had one in light blue. An effeminate sort of fellow, so it fit him well.  But I could learn to like one of these cars too, so maybe I should not throw rocks at others!

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