Saturday, July 20, 2013

One of my favorite cars -- a 1964 GTO Convertible

Seeing this car brings back memories of childhood, my older cousin' brand new 1964 GTO Convertible -- Midnight Blue with a white interior and white top. And when I was 18 and he lket me drive it down the street -- wow, what acceleration!  The car, however, is just a touchstone for me to remember a person, a person now gone and greatly missed.

This car was seen at the Beavercreek Cruise-In last evening, and the only one there worth photographing.  I guess because people are just far more important than cars, that this was my only real interesting vehicle  for the night.


  1. An interesting vehicle, indeed. It’s absolutely on my list of nostalgic fine vintage rides as well. What happened to your cousin’s B1964 GTO Convertible? At least, you experienced driving it. Btw, did you own a vintage car too? Jamie, Georgetown Exxon

  2. I'm not surprised that this is one of your favorites. That model is definitely a superstar! And what I really like about GTOs, aside from their classic design, is their maneuverability. They are easy to handle; which makes them perfect for car racing. I’m glad you were able to drive one before. The feeling can be quite exhilarating, yes?

    Byron Walters @ Bob Dunn Subaru